Welcome to School of Philosophy Guildford


We are the Guildford Branch of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, with Head Offices in London. Further information on the School as a whole is available through the website


Both the parent school its branches are run as an independent educational charity.

In Surrey and surrounding areas thousands of residents have participated over the years in the ten week course in practical philosophy held at the Guildford branch. With very few exceptions, participants have found them to be of great interest and practical benefit.

Those completing the introductory course can, if they wish, return for further terms where the matters covered in the course are examined in greater detail.

For many years the Guildford Branch hired various premises to hold the courses, but in 1994 we were fortunate to be able to purchase our own building at 26a Portsmouth Road, Guildford and this is now a dedicated establishment where the practical philosophy and other courses are offered.

Within the Guildford Branch all of the work carried out to prepare the building and tutor the classes is carried out on a volunteer basis – there are no paid staff, the fees we charge are solely to cover the costs of the building and administration.