Welcome to School of Philosophy Guildford

Sunday 6th November - 10:00 - Talk: Homer & The Gods


Are not the Greek Gods with us today?

Let’s consider each of us living creatures as a puppet of the
gods, constructed as their plaything or for some serious

This we do not understand but we do know that these emotions
within us, like cords or strings, are drawing us aside, and because they are
opposites they are pulling against one another, towards opposite activities,
and here lies the boundary line between excellence and evil. - Plato Laws 1

Carolyn Saunders studied Classics at Kings College London and has
taught the subject for forty years. Her current foci are Homer, Greek art
and Greek Religion. She is a regular student of Plato and Ficino ( and
has been a student of philosophy for over fifty years.)
She is passionate about her subject and believes there is a practical
appreciation to be discovered in our daily life

Tickets on the door £5