Welcome to School of Philosophy Guildford

A ten week evening & morning introductory course

The aim of philosophy is to set people free; free from pressure and free from worry; free to grow, free to be themselves. So it seems fitting that a philosophy course should itself be free (apart from a £5 registration fee).

Our ten session introductory course in Guildford looks at life and its meaning, the world and its causes and how to apply mindfulness to every moment. It asks, Who am I? and gives practical ways to explore the answer. It looks at wisdom and how it is acquired, at awareness and consciousness, the power of reason, beauty and, finally, the possibility of unity behind everything. Meditation is also offered, though this is not included in the 10 week introduction.

Based on the classic philosophies of East and West, the course invites us to see life as a place to test the words of the wise. Feel free to join us.